Multilingual information on the corona crisis
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Current information on the corona crisis in several languages

By social distancing, everyone can help protect the elderly and at-risk people from the coronavirus. This behavior will help to slow the spread of the virus so that health care systems are not overwhelmed. Politicians have announced measures to slow the spread of the virus and to lessen its economic impact. On this page, we list multilingual information on the corona crisis.

Find current information about the situation in Magdeburg on It can be translated into several languages via ReadSeaker. Read here how to use ReadSpeaker.

Click here for general information provided by the German Federal Government in English (Englisch) | Türkçe (Türkisch) | Polski (Polnisch) | Français (Französisch) | Italiano (Italienisch) | ελληνικά (Griechisch) | Hrvatski (Kroatisch) | Română (Rumänisch) | Български (Bulgarisch) |  فارسی  (Persisch) | 中文语言 (Chinesisch) |  عربي (Arabisch)

Current measures against coronavirus and exit restrictions in Saxony-Anhalt:

For regulations valid in Saxony-Anhalt see the summary of the corresponding decree (17 March 2020) in English (Englisch) | Français (Französisch) | Polski (Polnisch) | Pусский (Russisch) | Español (Spanisch) | عربي (Arabisch)

Short information on current measures against coronavirus and exit restrictions in Saxony-Anhalt (as at 23 /24 March 2020, valid until 19 April 2020) are available in English and in other languages:

قيود الخروج في و لاية ساکسونيا ـ ٱن هالت  (Arabisch)
Exit restrictions in Saxony-Anhalt (Englisch)
Restrictions à la production en Saxe-Anhalt (Französisch)
محدودیت های بیرون رفتن در ساکسونی-آنهالت (Persisch)
Ograniczenie kontaktόw w Saksonii-Anhalt (Polnisch)
Restricții de ieșire în Saxonia -Anhalt (Rumänisch)
Комендантский час в Саксонии-Анхальт (Russisch)
Sachsen-Anhalt Eyaleti'nde dışarıya çıkma sınırlamaları (Türkisch)

Please note (concerning the city of Magdeburg):

  • The public health department has set up a new hotline concerning the coronavirus, available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm  at 0049 391 540 2000. E-Mails can be sent to
  • Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the foreigners‘ registration office (Ausländerbehörde) is closed from 19 March 2020 until further notice. Applications can be sent by post or by e-mail to
  • Integration and language courses will not take place until 19 April 2020. DTZ and LID exams will not take place until further notice. This will cause no extra costs or any disadvantages for participants. Click here for free online German courses.
  • At the moment all appointments in Jobcenter and Agentur für Arbeit Magdeburg are canceled. There are no legal effects to be suspected in case you do not keep your appointment. You can call the hotline, send letters, or use online tools to submit documents. For most urgent matters individual solutions will be provided.
  • The social security and housing office is closed until further notice. Please contact the office by  E-Mail ( or telephone (0391 / 540 3670 and 0391 / 540 3671). The youth welfare office can also be contacted by E-Mail:

Economic and social support in response to the corona crisis

Travel information concerning SARS-CoV-2:

Poster mit Information zum Coronavirsu in Deutsch, Englisch und Arabisch
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