In Magdeburg, family, career and study can co-exist successfully. Because in Saxony-Anhalt – and therefore in Magdeburg too – children have a statutory entitlement to the care and support of a nursery (in German: Kita) from the time they celebrate their first birthday. Your child will be cared for by specialist staff and will socialise with others of the same age, so they can learn, play and have fun together. Balanced, healthy nutrition is also provided.

In Magdeburg there are 140 nurseries and a growing number of childminders to choose from. You can find a nursery place by visiting the parents’ portal of the City of Magdeburg website. The Youth Welfare Office can also help you find a place and will advise you on any questions you have about childcare.

You can find additional information in a leaflet published by the city council

Parents Portal

Youth Welfare Office