Waterway Junction
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Waterway Junction Magdeburg


Wasserstraßenkreuz Luftaufnahme, ©Flugdienst MDAn old dream has come true. The first idea to establish a connection between the eastern and western waterways was already thought of in 1877. 60 years later a makeshift solution was provided by building a ship lift and plans were hatched to construct a canal bridge across the river Elbe which is often very shallow during low tides.  Another 66 years passed before the longstanding and heartfelt wish was finally fulfilled.  On 10th October 2003 the gigantic Waterway Junction Magdeburg was inaugurated and put into operation. It is considered a technical masterpiece of the century and with its completion another tourist attraction was added to the capital city of Saxony-Anhalt. In fact, the new attraction has been perfectly integrated into the "Blue Ribbon of the River Elbe" project, this year’s major promotional campaign to entice many national and international visitors and active water fans to the region as well as to Magdeburg, the Cathedral City on the banks of the river Elbe. 

For the business location Magdeburg, a connection to the state-of-the-art waterway junction provides - in addition to being one of the tourist highlights - an excellent opportunity to strengthen the role of the domestic port as a traditional transshipment port of the capital city.


Weiße Flotte
Touren mit der Weißen Flotte © MMKT GmbH Why not treat yourself to a wonderful cruise on one of the passenger ferries which offers a high standard of travel comfort and convenience - and enjoy the river landscape of the old ...
Water saving lock and ship lift
Schiffshebewerk © W. KlapperThe ship lift has been in operation since 1938 enabling vessels and ships to continue their downstream journey from the Mittelland Canal to the Magdeburg port and the Elbe by passing through the water-filled lock chamber with its 5400 ton capacity. ...
Canal bridge
Kanalbrücke © W. Klapper It is not only the centrepiece of the Waterway Junction, but also an exceptional masterpiece of engineering. The Mittelland Canal flows through a gigantic steel bridge spanning the river Elbe with a length of 918m, having made a name for itself as a technical masterpiece of the century. The inland waterway ...
Double Ship lift
Doppelsparschleuse Hohenwarthe © www.AIRlebnistrip.de The double ship lift, designed as a water saving lock, provides access from the Mittelland Canal to the Elbe-Havel-Canal for ships and vessels. The overall difference of upper and lower water levels is 18.5m. The use of water saving basins clearly shows the ...
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