RV park at the Magdeburg marina
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RV park at the Magdeburg marina

RV park at the Magdeburg marina

Newly errected in 2017 the pitch is located next to the Rotehorn park and offers a view of the Magdeburg winter harbor with the marina. The city center is within walking distance.

Pitches: 20 (5 metres wide)
Rate for pitch per night: 10 €
Separate power supply at each pitch: 50 Cent / 1 KWh
Drinking water: from 10 Cent/ 10 litres
Holding tank emptying: 1 €/ per emptying
Toilets: 1€ per.ers./day
Showers: 1€ / 3 Min.

How to find the park:

The RV park is situated outside of the Magdeburg environmental zone and can therefore be reached without a green or yellow badge.