Le Havre Städtepartnerschaft
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 Le Havre 


Le Havre

             Wappen Le Havre      

Magdeburg and Le Havre cultivate friendly relationships.
Since 2009, there are official contacts. 

With its 177,000 inhabitants, Le Havre is the most populous commune in the Normandy, although the largest city in area is Rouen. Le Havre is situated in the north-west of France in the Seine-Maritime department of the Haute-Normandy region on the right bank of the river Seine directly on the English Channel.

Le Havre is – after Marseille – in charge of the second largest port of France and turns over 60% of French imports and exports of goods in containers. Even a marina including 1,050 moorings belongs to the port of Le Havre.

Between 1945 and 1954, the city was rebuilt according to plans of the architect Auguste Perret and his team of 60 architects. The city centre with its typical modern coloured concrete architecture is the only city ensemble of the 20th century which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Le Havre de Grâce was founded by King Francis I of France in 1517. In the years 1820 and 1852, the city expanded, first by the push back of the city walls and later by its demolition. As a naval port in the 17th century the city developed very quickly. Other reasons for the development were successful trade with islands in the 18th century and the wave of immigration to America in the 19th century. Due to the industrialisation in the 1920s and also thanks to the worldwide coffee and cotton trade, Le Havre became the most important city in the Normandy.

In September 1944, 80% of the city centre as well as the port were completely destroyed. It took 20 years to bring the city Le Havre back to life. Nowadays, Le Havre is a centre of petrochemistry with numerous refineries. Furthermore, shipbuilding and food industry are of high importance. Outside the city gates, in Sandouville there is one of the largest plants of the car manufacturer Renault as well as the respective component supplying industry.

Source:Wikipedia, excerpt



         Stätepartnerschaft Le Havre

The Twin City Agreement was signed on 9th May 2011, on the occasion of the festivities of the Europe Day, between the Mayor of Le Havre Edouard Philippe and the Lord Mayor of Magdeburg Dr Lutz Trümper as a symbol of Franco-German friendship.

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