D115 Ihre Behördennummer
The GREEN CITADEL of Magdeburg


After enjoying the interplay of Baroque facades and modern design along Breiter Weg, you will be sure not to miss out on the opportunity to visit one of the last architectural masterpieces by the world-famous artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser: The GREEN CITADEL OF MAGDEBURG – the name which Friedensreich Hundertwasser gave his last architectural project – was inaugurated in a ceremonial act on 3rd October 2005. The famous artist worked on this design right up until his death in the year 2000.

The building project by the Austrian artist (1928-2000) was a hot topic which promised not to cool down for quite some time. In fact, his project of an “oasis for humanity and nature within a sea of rational houses" in the "concrete desert" of Magdeburg did succeed in polarising opinions and people.

When construction work began in March 2004, the many critical voices could no longer be heard, and even more so when the new attraction began to take shape. However, the project in itself has remained controversial even after its completion. In fact, it helps us reflect on the world we live in as well as enables us to give some thought to contemporary architecture. It gives us the chance to share in the spirit of Hundertwasser who fought all his life for a truly balanced relationship between humankind, nature and architecture.

THE GREEN CITADEL OF MAGDEBURG as a building for commercial and residential use is yet another gem in the increasingly illustrious architectural diversity of the Breiter Weg in the heart of the Elbe metropolis where locals and visitors alike can experience individual living spaces and new sensations. The architectural project includes 55 flats, attractive shops, a hotel, offices, a nursery and a unique permanent exhibition on the artist’s extensive work.