Herrenkrug Park

Herrenkrug Park


Herrenkrugpark, ©HL Böhme

During the time when Magdeburg was a Prussian fortress there was not much space for parks and gardens. Only since the time of Lord Mayor August Wilhelm Francke (1817 - 1848) could the spacious civil parks be created into inviting recreation areas. Renowned garden and landscape architects, such as Peter Joseph Lenné and Paul Niemeyer, significantly influenced the design of the magnificent parks and gardens and turned Magdeburg into a “Green City”.

One of these beautiful parks is the Herrenkrug Park. Created at the end of the 18th century, it is one of the oldest parks in Magdeburg. In 1824, Mayor August Wilhelm Francke commissioned the remarkable garden architect Peter Joseph Lenné with the overall planning of a beautiful landscape park on the Herrenkrug grounds. After Lenné had designed the park’s concept, the creative work was able to commence.

By 1886, the park had become a major recreation ground favoured by easy accessibility through the well-established traffic network and the building of a park restaurant. The gardening design of this great landscape park was completed by the inclusion of the Elbe floodplains. The horse race course, built in 1906, is an additional attraction for locals and guests alike.

After suffering much destruction during the Second World War, the park as seen today enchants its many visitors with the most picturesque scenery, many beautiful sights and its innumerable flowers and plants. It is a marvel of garden architecture. During the summer months, the park attracts thousands of culturally interested visitors by offering musical fireworks from Dixie to Rhythm and Blues at the New Orleans Jazz Festival or melodic sounds of operas and operettas at the Classic Open Air Concert.

More Information:
Opening hours:         free access, open all year
Admission:                 free
Location:                    Herrenkrugstraße, 39114 Magdeburg
Additional offer:        parking facilities, park restaurant