Zoologial Garden
D115 Ihre Behördennummer

Zoological Garden Magdeburg


Sibirischer Tieger am Wasser

The Magdeburg Zoo is embedded in the scenic Vogelgesangpark. On an area of 12 ha the zoo's visitors can observe 637 animals of 157 different species in a well-tended natural and garden landscape. Newly created spacious facilities for the impressive Siberian tigers and the snow leopards can be found in the Asian area. Here, visitors have the opportunity to look these dangerous animals in the eye. A podest allows the visitor to observe from above the natural habitat of the world’s largest predatory cat. Also the rare and endangered Asian lions seem to feel very comfortable in their new lion den which includes large outside facilities. Here visitors can marvel at these magnificent animals from many different perspectives which makes the observation hut near the lion house a very popular place. The ape house is currently being redesigned. In addition to the typical zoo animals, such as elephants, giraffes, lions, monkeys, antelopes and parrots, the black rhinoceros breed is a special attraction, as four calves have been born here in the Magdeburg Zoo.

The Magdeburg breed of the much endangered South American marmoset monkey is also of international interest. There are only a few zoos in Europe which house such a vast number of marmosets. Visitors even have the chance to marvel at the smallest monkey in the world - the pygmy marmoset.
Another new highlight is a number of animal presentations called “TIERISCH NAH”. If you are interested in standing face to face with a giraffe and feeding it, the Magdeburg Zoo gives you the opportunity to display your courage. Every day, visitors can enjoy the elephants' “fitness programme” or watch the feeding of the lively Humboldt penguins who always look as if they are wearing a tailcoat.

The zoo team presents daily a selection of animals:

  • care and training of the elephants, feeding by our visitors
  • feeding of the Humboldt penguins

Visitors are also welcome to have a look at the typical menu of zoo animals. The exclusive offer “Tierpflege live“ (live animal care) gives you the opportunity to get close to your favourite animal and directly assist in its care.

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