"Hinter den Kulissen"
115 Ihre Behördennummer

"Hinter den Kulissen" 


Tierpfleger live © Zoo Magdeburg

 On the special guided tour “Hinter den Kulissen” (behind the scenes) visitors get comprehensive insights in the vivariums and the behind the scenes areas. You get the chance to view: the “living rooms“ of our animals, the work of our keepers, the activities offered to our animals and the solid barriers between the dangerous wild animals and humans. You can combine the offers “Hinter den Kulissen“ and “Tierisch nah“ if desired.

More events:
  • Insights into the menu and the so-called kitchen of the animals
  • In the living room of desert animals
  • Siberian tiger and other dangerous cats
  • Trip to the hoofed animals: African buffalo, antelopes, llamas etc.