Puppets on Film
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Puppets on Film

A Special Exhibition in the villa p.

Drei Teufel ©Rolf Hofmann

The special exhibition “PUPPETS ON FILM” was opened in the Central German Puppetry Collection in the villa p. on 16th November 2013.

One of the core areas of the former DEFA film studio in the German Democratic Republic was the Cartoon Department in the German city of Dresden, which was extremely successful in producing over 1500 animated films for cinema and television. These productions not only received an excellent response from East German viewers, but were also exported into over one hundred different countries, where they regularly attracted positive attention at international film festivals and confirmed their success by winning a multitude of awards.

Alongside their animations for children such as “Pittiplatsch” “Geschichten aus dem Märchenwald” (Stories from the Fairytale Forest) and children’s adventure stories, the DEFA productions also included films for adults, which played an increasingly popular role on both cinema and television screens. Stories such as “Der Wunderdoktor” (The Miracle Doctor), “Heinrich der Verhinderte” (Hampered Heinrich) or Der fallende Schatten” (The Falling Shadow) all boasted unparalleled aesthetics and became unforgettable milestones in film history.

DEFA was shut down 1992 and virtually all of its films threatened to fall into oblivion. One year later, however, a group of film enthusiasts founded the German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF) and have been working hard to save, reclaim and breathe life into the unique achievements of this successful piece of German film history ever since.

The Collection Comes to Magdeburg

The archive in Dresden contains over 2000 film copies and a comprehensive collection of written work, photos, graphics, drafts, designs and, of course, puppets and puppetry items. A selection of the archive’s particularly outstanding exhibits has now been touring the countries in which the films achieved such huge popularity in the past for several years.

After stops in Estonia, Poland and France, the collection has now finally arrived in Magdeburg: in the Central German Puppetry Collection. Three rooms in the villa p. are currently housing the special exhibition's selection of films, puppets and background information from a significant era of film history and while children listen to stories and discover the secrets of the world of film, the exhibits are sure to bring back pleasant memories for many of their parents.

Collection Opening Hours

16th November 2013 to March 2014

Daily from 11:00am - 5:00pm, expect Mondays

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