A Guided Bus Tour of Magdeburg
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A Guided Bus Tour of Magdeburg

A guided bus tour through Magdeburg is the most convenient and relaxing way to get to know the City of Otto even better.

Stadtrundfahrten im Doppeldeckerbus © MMKT GmbH

Between April and October, climb aboard our red double-decker bus and explore the most attractive areas and most popular sights and attractions of the capital city of the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt up close whilst also gaining a first-hand experience of the high quality of life that makes Magdeburg so special.

You can even book your guided bus tour of the cathedral city on the river Elbe online before you arrive or you can visit the Tourist-Information Magdeburg to sign up for the tour through the city once you’re here.

Our guided bus tours of the city of Magdeburg last one to three hours and can be individually tailored to suit the needs of tourist groups. They give participants the opportunity to view the most attractive features of the City of Otto. You can even choose to go on a guided city tour of Magdeburg by both land and water by taking a ride through the streets of Magdeburg on our double-decker bus before cruising down the river Elbe on a boat trip with the Weiße Flotte (“White Fleet”). You can make the most of this opportunity every day between May and September.

A guided bus tour of Magdeburg is an absolute must for your stay in the City of Otto - make sure you don't miss out! Come and make the most of our guided tour motto: “Otto Shows You”!

Guided City Tour on a Double-Decker Bus - 1 Hour

From April to Oktober, we offer visitors the opportunity to participate in an hour-long guided bus tour through the city on which you can sit back and relax while we drive by the finest sights and attractions that the historic cathedral city has to offer.
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Combination Guided Bus Tour and Elbauenpark

Combine our hour-long Guided Bus Tour with a visit to the Elbauenparks. The fascinating nature park invites you to discover and relax.
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Combination Guided Bus and Guided Tour of the Magdeburg Cathedral - 2 Hours

Combine our our-long guided bus tour with a guided tour of the imposing Magdeburg Cathedral and experience Magdeburg's most beloved landmark.
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Combination Guided Bus and Visit to the Cathedral Museum Ottonianum Magdeburg - 2h

Combine our hour-long Guided Bus Tour with a visit to the Cathedral Museum Ottonianum Magdeburg. Experience three major thematic complexes of the European Middle Ages on 650 square meters of exhibition space.
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Guided City Tour by Land and Water 2h 15min

Come and discover the city of Magdeburg in the German federal country of Saxony-Anhalt from different perspectives. This guided tour combines a trip on a double-decker bus with a cruise on the river Elbe.
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Mobility Scooter Rental

You want to join the Public Walking Tour but you're no that a good walker anymore? We offer a tour with rented mobilty scooters.
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Bicycle-Architectour "On the left and right banks of the Elbe"

If you like cycling, wether your a guest or a «native«, and you're also interested in seeing the unique architecture of past, present and future from another point of view, the architektour is made for you.
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Bicycle-Archtitctour "Magdeburg the Colourful"

With the rise of modernism Magdeburg became the «City of the new building ambitions« and transformed itself into colourful city. The Magdeburg housing projects of the modernist era are comparable to those in Berlin, Hamburg or Frankfurt. Discover it by bike!
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