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D115 Ihre Behördennummer

The capital city Magdeburg is pleased to inform you that students enrolled at the Otto-von-Guericke-University and the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal are entitled to receive a special 70 Euro grant which is immediately awarded upon registration of their main place of residence in Magdeburg. As a student and Magdeburg resident, you are entitled to receive up to 160 Euro!

Please note that the grant (totalling 160 €) is awarded only once even if it takes more than three years to complete your degree. You must submit an application in order to receive the grant.

The provision of the special grant that will be awarded in three stages: 70.00 Euro / 50.00 Euro / 40.00 Euro is part of an action programme by which the capital city Magdeburg would like to welcome all students who register their main place of residence in Magdeburg.

If you are a student why not register your main place of residence in Magdeburg instead of it being your secondary place of residence? Then you can also take advantage of our special grant.

  • You may keep your secondary place of residence at your parents’.If you wish to do so, please contact your local Registration Office for further information.