Lord Mayor Dr Lutz Trümper
115 Ihre Behördennummer

Lord Mayor Dr Lutz Trümper

OB Dr. Lutz Trümper Foto von Viktoia KühneThe State Capital of Magdeburg has developed extremely dynamically in recent years. Besides investors and tourists, this is clear to citizens too, who are happy with the way their city is developing. Magdeburg is a wonderful city by a river, with a lot of green space, many accommodation options and leisure activities, sporting facilities and positive economic development. We also have excellently educational facilities – from kindergartens to universities.

As the Lord Mayor, I am responsible for the city administration and am the highest ranking representative of the State Capital of Magdeburg. Of course, in this function, I see the many projects to be completed in the years to come. Besides further urban redevelopment, flood protection and the renovation of educational, cultural and leisure facilities and our two large-scale construction projects (railway bridge at the railway station and construction of a new bridge across the Alte Elbe/Zollelbe river), sustainable strengthening of the economic and scientific location, and positioning ourselves as a young, modern and family-oriented city. We have to tackle these challenges together!