Declaration of commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung)
D115 Ihre Behördennummer

Declaration of commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung)

By submitting a declaration of commitment, a third person undertakes to bear the living expenses related to a foreigner’s stay provided that the foreigner does not have the means to support him or herself. This includes the liability for costs relating to the departure or to a possible deportation of the foreigner. If the foreigner (guest, visitor) is able to support him or herself, no declaration of commitment is required. The foreigner has to provide the German diplomatic mission abroad with proof of his or her ability to support him or herself.

The declaration of commitment extends to the reimbursement of all public funds spent to cover the foreigner’s living expenses including housing, medical care in case of illness, and long-term care.

Who can submit a declaration of commitment?

A declaration of commitment can be submitted by natural or juridical persons (i.e. companies, charity organisations). The declaration of commitment is to be handed in in person, and cannot be submitted by an authorized third party.

The declaration of commitment represents no obligations towards the invited foreigner. The declaration of commitment entitles public authorities to claim reimbursement from the signer of the declaration of commitment if public funds have been spent to cover the foreigner’s living expenses. This applies to expenditures made on the basis of legal entitlement (i.e. social assistance benefit), as opposed to expenditures based on the payment of contributions (i.e. pension or unemployment insurance – if the foreigner has paid contributions into these funds).

Required documents

  • Evidence of identity
  • Proof of income (i. e. salary slips, savings account with a blocking notice, bank guarantee)


Pursuant to the Ordinance Governing Residence (AufenthV), a fee of €25 will be charged.

Where to submit a declaration of commitment - Our office hours

For information and advice, submission of a declaration of commitment, and requesting an assessment of creditworthiness related to the declaration of commitment, please contact us at the following location:

BürgerService Magdeburg
Breiter Weg 222 – Foreigners’ Authority - Room 226
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