Offices and Departments
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Offices and Departments

Der Oberbürgermeister und die Beigeordneten

"Administration is constantly changing" is the title of a document describing the first ten years of local self-administration in Magdeburg since 1990. Back then it was necessary to fill positions, find locations for new offices and departments and provide the required technology, all in an extremely short period of time. Gradually staff had to be restructured. From 1991 to 1995, the training of staff was mainly characterised by job-related further education, business trips to local administrations in the old Laender and additional training programmes for administration work.
Today standards have essentially been achieved which correspond to national standards.

In 1990 the City Administration consisted of 10 departments and 38 offices whereas in 1995 it consisted of 6 departments and 42 offices.

In 2000 the City Administration was divided into 6 departments, 35 offices, 3 units, 2 special staff offices for the Mayor and 8 municipal companies.

At present, 6 departments, 7 special units, 13 offices (plus the Mayor’s office), 6 special staff offices, 4 teams in Department III (economic affairs) and one team responsible for the Society House in Department IV (cultural affairs) as well as 6 municipal companies are involved in the day-to-day running of the city of Magdeburg.

"Administration is constantly changing" is a title which also applies to the present situation. Today the main challenges we face are to proceed with the necessary administrative reforms where the administrative structures established since 1990 must be re-verified. However the main drivers have already been determined.