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Twin City Nashville
Tennessee (USA)


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Nashville in situated on the banks of the Cumberland River, in the centre of the state of Tennessee.  It is well-known as the "Music City USA" and referred to as the world capital of Country and Western music.

Nashville has a population of approx. 569,000. It has an area of 533 km². Nashville and Magdeburg are separated by a distance of 7441 km.

In 1779 the first settlers came to the area that now forms Nashville. Nashville became a city in 1806. The city was known as the capital of Tennessee between 1812 and 1815 and was officially named capital city in 1843.

There have been official links between Magdeburg and Nashville since May 1998. In 2001 Nashville confirmed its wish to strengthen these links in the form of a twinning partnership.

In co-operation with Saxony-Anhalt’s capital Magdeburg, the twinning partnership society, the 'German-American Dialogue Centre' in Magdeburg, a group which brings together many people interested in German-American relations, contributed greatly towards the creation of the twinning partnership.



Vertragsunterzeichnung der Städtepartnerschaft


The Twin City Agreement was signed in Nashville by the Mayor of the City of Nashville, Bill Purcell, and the Mayor of Magdeburg, Dr. Lutz Trümper on 28th May 2003.





Timeline of the twinning partnership:

since May 1998

First links with Nashville, Tennessee A delegation from Nashville visits Magdeburg. A return visit is made by the Councillor for Economic Matters and General Administration and other representatives from Magdeburg, in order to establish the first official contacts between the cities.

May 2001 Dr Polte, the former Mayor of Magdeburg, visits Nashville. During his visit the possibility of a twinning partnership is considered for the first time.
June 2001  With the ‘German-American Dialogue Centre Magdeburg e.V.', the registered twinning partnership group is founded.
8th November 2001 Application A0231/01 is submitted by the 'Bündnis '90/Die Grünen' (Alliance '90/Green Party) parliamentary group of the Magdeburg City Council, concerning the: “Commencement of a twinning relationship with Nashville“. After having been reviewed by various expert committees, the application is approved by the City Council. On the 11th April 2002, the Mayor of Magdeburg is given the responsibility of establishing and enhancing twin city connections between Nashville and Magdeburg.
18.04.2002 The Magdeburg-Nashville Workshop is held in the presence of the American Consul General Edward B. O'Donnell (from Frankfurt/Main) at the Magdeburg City Hall.

In 2002, various events take place to intensify contacts between the two cities. The Sister Cities of Nashville* organisation visits Magdeburg for the German-American Business Conference, meetings are organised at the second “Live and Learn in the USA” information fair, where a discussion panel is held concerning the twinning of Magdeburg and Nashville, a joint start-up event between the Magdeburg Senior Citizens Association, the Volkshochschule (adult education centre) and the Sparkasse Bank Magdeburg is organised under the name “Bridges Across the Atlantic – Senior Citizens Online” and the first delegation from the German-American Dialogue Centre visits Nashville.

15.10.2002 Nashville City Council decides to form a twinning partnership with Magdeburg, the capital of Saxony-Anhalt.
26.02. 2003 An official inauguration event takes place to present the bilingual website in the City Hall of Magdeburg. The website was created in co-operation with the German-American Dialogue Centre and Yaway-Media Magdeburg.

A delegation from the capital city Magdeburg visits Nashville.During this visit, the Twin City Agreement is officially signed on the 28th May 2003.

02.-10.10.2003 The Magdeburg Exaudi Choir visits Nashville, where the 60 members captivate the Nashville audience with their various performances.
03.-05.10. 2003 Upon invitation by the Mayor of Magdeburg, Dr Lutz Trümper, the Mayor of Nashville, Bill Purcell, and his daughter Jesse visit Magdeburg. In 2003, Magdeburg hosts the main national celebrations on the occasion of German Reunification Day. Douglas Berry, the President of Sister Cities Nashville*, Fletcher M. Burton, the American Consul General in Leipzig and other guests from Nashville come to Magdeburg to join the celebrations.
24. – 30. April 2004
The Magdeburg Culture Week takes place in Nashville. The famous Magdeburg hemisphere experiment is performed and the Nashville audience enjoys a magnificent performance by the Magdeburg Puppet Theatre as well as a chamber concert including works by Georg Phillip Telemann and an introduction to the history of Magdeburg. This week enables the citizens of Nashville to learn more about Magdeburg.
May 2005 The Mayor of Nashville and some citizens of Nashville visit Magdeburg on the occasion of Magdeburg's 1200th anniversary celebrations.
2005 Nashville artists make a number of appearances and concerts are held by country music bands from Nashville, including internationally famous musicians.

The play “We All Live in the Same Village” is simultaneously performed in Nashville and Magdeburg.

Oktober 2006

The city of Nashville celebrates its 200th anniversary. The Mayor of Magdeburg, Dr Trümper, visits the twin city.

16.-18. August 2007

The Mayor of Nashville, Mr. Bill Purcell, visits Magdeburg.

11. September 2007

The new, now sixth Mayor of Nashville, Mayor Karl Dean, is elected.

More information about the many activities taking place between Magdeburg and Nashville can be found on the bilingual website Special mention should be given to the support provided by the American Consulate General in Leipzig to help establish the twinning partnership between Magdeburg and Nashville, as well as the Consulate’s endeavours to maintain and increase the liveliness of this partnership.The German-American Dialogue Centre in Magdeburg actively supports and assists the twinning of Magdeburg and Nashville and has become a key element in creating a well-functioning city partnership. Continuing co-operation between the cities is ensured by the group "City Partnership Nashville/Magdeburg".

* Sister Cities International is the central co-ordinating body for the creation of twinning partnerships with American cities. It is listed in the USA as a private organisation with the role of implementing and cultivating city twinning partnerships.