Where can I learn German?
D115 Ihre Behördennummer

Most of the people who come to Germany from abroad learn German as part of an Integrationskurs (integration course). Here (Information sheet 'integration course') you can find out about the syllabus taught in an integration course, who is entitled – or even obliged – to attend such a course, how they are organised, and where details of the courses on offer can be found.

Integration courses teach language skills and will help you find your feet; they are organised by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and will teach you the German you need for everyday life. You can search online for integration courses in Magdeburg here.

If you already have a good or very good command of German and would like to obtain further language qualifications, it may be possible for you to take advantage of work-related German language courses, which are also provided by the BAMF and are a direct add-on to the integration courses. You can find out here who is allowed to join the courses, as well as more about their syllabuses. Additional information about work-related German language courses is available from your adviser at the employment agency or Job Centre, or directly from the language course provider.

Click here for a summary of all of the integration courses and work-related language courses in Magdeburg.

Sometimes an integration course or work-related German language course may not be the right answer for you. If you want to learn German, there are many opportunities to do so online. A lot of these are free, but there are also some interactive courses which charge a fee. Please make detailed enquiries before using an interactive service. The learning portal of the German Adult Education Association enables migrants who do not currently have a place on an integration or German course to learn the language free of charge and to a high standard. Link to portal

There are also a few courses in Magdeburg which tend to be run by volunteers. They will not lead to the award of a recognised language certificate, but they do provide a good opportunity to practise your German. An up-to-date list of these classes can be found here.