Where can migrants seek advice on integration in the areas of language, society and culture?
D115 Ihre Behördennummer

Carers and social workers employed by the City of Magdeburg are responsible for providing social care in shared accommodation and communal rented apartments. If you live in private accommodation, you can contact the Migrations­beratung offices (advisory service for migrants). Some advice services cater for adult migrants, but the Jugendmigrationsdienst is a specialist service for recently-arrived adolescents and young adults between the ages of 12 and 27.

Various associations and projects seek to promote integration, and can provide someone to accompany you to the doctor’s or the authorities. There are offices of the Willkommens- und Integrations­bündnis (welcome and integration alliance) in many parts of the city, where you can ask questions or make contact with local people (Information sheet 'Meeting and leisure').