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Twin City Braunschweig
     (Germany, Lower Saxony)   


           Wappen Braunschweig              

Braunschweig, the second largest city in the German Land of Lower Saxony is situated 80km west of Magdeburg.

Braunschweig has a population of 240.000.

The 1000 year old city achieved particular importance as the ducal seat of Henry the Lion in the 12th century. The cathedral, the many historical buildings in the city centre, the castle square and the castle itself, as well as the bronze lion statue, are prime examples of the city's rich past.In addition, many students come to Braunschweig in order to study at its Technical University.

On 8th December 1987, the agreement of a "Twinning Partnership between the GDR City of Magdeburg and the FRG City of Braunschweig" was officially signed. After the reunification of Germany and subsequent democratic changes, Braunschweig aided Magdeburg with its development of a municipal self-government.
On the 8th December 1992, the union of the two cities was renewed through the signing of an agreement of a "Twinning Partnership between the City of Magdeburg and the City of Braunschweig".








Timeline of the twinning partnership:

Exchange visits take place between council committees, worker delegations, women's delegations and cultural groups, as well as sport and youth exchanges.
16.01.1989 Magdeburg is given the gift of a Lebensbaumkruzifix (literally: a tree of life crucifix), a work of art designed by the Braunschweig artist Jürgen Weber, which now stands in the cloister of Magdeburg Cathedral.
1990/1991/1992 Magdeburg is represented at the "Harz and Heide" (Harz region and heathland) exhibition in Braunschweig.
1991/1993 200 Magdeburg residents participate in the “Youth Sports" meeting during the Whitsun holiday.

An amateur theatre group from Bath (Great Britain), another of Braunschweig’s twin cities, visits Magdeburg. Local government experiences are exchanged when the Braunschweig Environmental Committee meets in Magdeburg. The City Council and Administration of Braunschweig visit Magdeburg on the occasion of the Day of German Unity.

1994 A joint concert is performed by the Nebraska Children's Chorus from Omaha/Nebraska (USA), another of Braunschweig’s twin cities, and the Magdeburg Children and Youth Choir.Bands from the Braunschweig Marksmen Association attend celebrations for the Day of German Unity in Magdeburg.Local government experiences are exchanged when the Magdeburg Environmental Committee meets in Braunschweig.
1995 A concert is held by the Bath Philharmonic Youth Choir at the Magdeburg Telemann concert hall.
A reception is given for a group of visitors from Bandung, Indonesia (twinned with Braunschweig).
The Magdeburg Youth Welfare Committee meets in Braunschweig.
1996 The Mayor of Bath and other guests from the English city visit Magdeburg on the occasion of the 25th twin city anniversary of Braunschweig and Bath.

A reception is held in Magdeburg for a city council delegation visiting from Bandung.

The city of Braunschweig is represented at the HAGEMA exhibition.

A Town Hall Festival is held in Magdeburg to celebrate the 10th twin city anniversary under the slogan "10 years of twinning between Braunschweig and Magdeburg".

A ceremony is held in the town hall of the old Braunschweig city centre to celebrate this anniversary.

1998 The exhibition "New buildings in Magdeburg since 1990" is hosted in Braunschweig.
1999 The opening ceremony of the 25th Federal Garden Show in Magdeburg is attended by the Mayor of Braunschweig and various other guests from the local government and city of Braunschweig.

The Magdeburg City Council visits the Braunschweig town hall in the old city centre to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November.
2000 A ceremony is held to celebrate "10 years of local self-government", attended by the Mayor of Braunschweig and guests from Braunschweig and Magdeburg who actively supported the establishment of a local self-government after reunification.
2001 A ceremony is held for the departing Mayor Dr Willi Polte, attended by guests from the twin city Braunschweig.

The 15th twin city anniversary of Magdeburg and Braunschweig.
A Magdeburg delegation, under the leadership of Mayor Dr Trümper, visits the Braunschweig Town Hall in the old city centre. During the visit, Braunschweig is presented with the symbolic gift of a hemisphere monument, designed and painted by art students from both cities.

27.02.2003 bis

A joint project is carried out by the “Buntich“ Art College in Braunschweig and the “Haus KLE” Art College in Magdeburg,  including various activities such as a visit by the Magdeburg group to Braunschweig and to the “Buntich” Art College, a return visit and a creative design weekend at the “Buntich” Art College in Braunschweig. The pupils from Braunschweig and Magdeburg are both presented with a hemisphere and invited to design and paint their halves.
02.07.2003 The hemisphere monument is officially given to the city of Braunschweig.


The “Unity Bicycle Tour“ takes place, in which 30 Braunschweig citizens officially use the cycle route running between Braunschweig and Magdeburg for the first time.


The director of the Braunschweig Classix Festival, Hans Christian Wille, is awarded an official entry in the Visitors' Book of the regional capital city of Magdeburg.

03.10.2004  03.10.2005

The twin city Braunschweig is represented at the Town Hall Festival and at the Town Hall Open Day in Magdeburg.
2005 Guests from Braunschweig are invited to events organised in celebration of Magdeburg's 1200th anniversary.


The Braunschweig CDU (Christian Democratic Union) party council visit their CDU colleagues in Magdeburg in order to exchange ideas concerning the local government.

07.-21. September 2006 The exhibition "Braunschweig - New Perspectives of a City" is held in Magdeburg's Green Citadel.
09. June 2007

The "Louis Spohr Symposium Braunschweig 2007" is held under the leadership of the Magdeburg musicologist Dr Ronald Dürre.

03. October 2007

A ceremony takes place during the Town Hall Festival on the 3rd October in order to acknowledge the 20th anniversary of the twin city partnership.A delegation of Braunschweig residents visit Magdeburg, together with their Mayor Gert Hoffmann and members of the City Council. The retired Mayor Dr Willi Polte gives the guests a closer look at Magdeburg with a bus tour of the city. A presentation on the twin city Braunschweig is given in Magdeburg Town Hall.