Theatres in Magdeburg

Theatres in Magdeburg

The glamorous world of theatre in Magdeburg raises its curtains for guests all year round at different times of day and offers diverse programmes featuring a wide variety of different productions.

Theater in Magdeburg © Thaeter Magdeburg

Visitors are sure to enjoy a multitude of eventful and exciting moments at Magdeburg Theatre and its Opera House and “Schauspielhaus” theatre venue or can choose to marvel at the performances put on by Magdeburg Puppet Theatre, one of the top German venues of its kind. Come to Magdeburg and be inspired by the city’s theatre culture as you enjoy fantastic actors performing an extensive repertoire of plays, major operas, operettas, classical ballets and puppet theatre productions.

The city also boasts a number of open-air performances in the summer months, for example Magdeburg Theatre’s large-scale open-air productions in the Cathedral Square under the motto of “DomplatzOpenAir” or Magdeburg Puppet Theatre’s equally legendary “Hofspektakel” courtyard festival. As you can tell, a visit to Magdeburg’s theatre scene is an absolute must!


Magdeburg Theatre - Opera House

Interner Link: Theater Magdeburg: Opernhaus
Come and experience Magdeburg Theatre and its Opera House in the «Universitätsplatz» square and «Schauspielhaus» theatre venue by the «Hasselbachplatz» square.
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Magdeburg Puppet Theatre

Interner Link: Puppentheater
Magdeburg Puppet Theatre puts on 500 performances every season and attracts over 50,000 visitors and is therefore one of the most successful theatres of its kind in Germany.
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Magdeburg Theatre - Schauspielhaus

Interner Link: Theater Magdeburg: Schauspielhaus
Alongside the performances in its daily repertoire, Magdeburg Theatre's «Schauspielhaus» also offers a varied programme of additional events such as «Nachtschicht» evening shows, jazz sessions and many more.
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The «Theater an der Angel» Theatre

Interner Link: Theater an der Angel
Since 1992, support from the pair's friends and from Peter Wittig, an absolute institution in the world of acting, has enabled this 'family business' to become a trademark for refreshing and comedic, yet also often thought-provoking theatre performances.
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The Theatre in the GREEN CITADEL

Interner Link: Theater in der Grünen Zitadelle
The «GREEN CITADEL» created by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser has become a small cultural centre that aims to once again shine the spotlight on entertainment in the city of Magdeburg from the «architect's point of view».
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