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© Fotograf Sam Rey

In Germany, compulsory schooling starts for children at the age of six. That is when primary school begins, where the children are taught basic German, mathematics and a variety of other subjects.
The Service Centre for Intercultural Learning in Nursery and School has prepared a guide for parents which answers all sorts of questions about the school system.

a guide for parents about the school system

Tips on registering

School guide

After attending primary school for four years, children have several options when it comes to moving on to the next stage. They can attend a secondary school, a grammar school or a comprehensive. The school guide will explain what kind is best suited to your child and what options they will have once they leave. The teachers at your child’s primary will help you decide what kind of school is best for your child.

International schools

If you want your children to have a multilingual education, then Magdeburg has something to offer at every stage of their school career. This includes a trilingual nursery, a trilingual international primary school, and an international endowed grammar school. There, trained specialist staff and native speakers teach and care for your children in several languages and pursue an international, intercultural approach to learning.

Trilingual nursery

Endowed primary school

Endowed grammar school