Getting around

Getting around

Magdeburg is a compact city, and nowhere is very far away. Whether you prefer to travel in your own car, by bike, or on the trams and buses of Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe, there are lots of options for moving around the city.

And with an extensive street, path and public transport network, it is quick and safe to reach your destination.

By bike

Cycling is a very popular way of crossing the city, because it offers lots of benefits. It is a clean, quiet way to travel, and faster than most other forms of transport over short distances. With its many green areas and wide streets, Magdeburg is a great place to invest in a bike. It’s just a question of deciding whether it is more beneficial for you to buy or rent. There are several dealers offering both options in the city.

You can find a list of the major bike dealers here

The municipal lost and found office sells or auctions bicycles several times a year. Information about this can be found here on the pages of the municipal lost and found office.

The ADFC Magdeburg also lends its cargo bikes free of charge to Magdeburg residents for up to 3 days. More at

Trittfest" is a new service offered by Städtische Werk (SWM), MDCC and RadMitte.  The city bike "mike" can be rented for 21.50 euros per month. SWM and MDCC customers even pay a little less. All information at

By bus or tram

Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe operates a wide-ranging network which is currently being extended. Nine tram and fifteen bus routes link together the various districts of the city. Buses and trams operate around the clock, with a night-time service from 11 pm to 5 am on weekdays and from 11 pm to 7 am at weekends, which is when the night buses run. Incidentally, you can catch any of the night services from the ‘Alter Markt’ stop.

Tickets can be bought at machines in the trams and buses, at tram and bus stops, or at one of the various MVB kiosks. You can buy a single ticket, a four-journey ticket, or a weekly or monthly season ticket. A word of warning: the machines only accept payment in cash.

Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe

By car

Of course, you can also get around the city by car. That’s even quite easy in Magdeburg, apart from a few large construction sites. You can leave your car in one of the public surface or multi-storey car-parks for a charge. The exception, particularly in the city centre, is the ‘parking for residents’, which is usually marked as such. Sometimes you will be allowed to park free for one to two hours, but then you will have to display a clock disc which indicates what time you arrived.

You can pay your parking fee by buying a ticket from the ticket machine in the car-park. You now also have the convenient option of paying by text message from your mobile. Information is available from the ticket machine.
Magdeburg is aware of its responsibility to the environment, and is constantly striving to ensure the provision of the infrastructure which will be required for the vehicles of the future, such as electric cars. You will find a detailed list of all the charging stations in Magdeburg in the following map published by the Federal Network Agency.

Car sharing

With all the buses, trams and local train services available to them, many people find they do not need their own car. But there are always situations where it would come in very useful to have one. And that’s where car sharing comes into its own. Car sharing, where several people share the use of the same car, is getting easier to use all the time, and is also available in Magdeburg. Several companies offer the option in the city, for instance teilAuto and flinkster.

‘Flinkster - Mein Carsharing’ from Deutsche Bahn
The car-sharing service with the largest network in Germany is ‘Flinkster - Mein Carsharing’, which is operated by Deutsche Bahn. Flinkster specialises in travellers who need to complete their rail journey by road. But anyone at all can use the service. After registering online as a Flinkster customer, you can select and book one of the Flinkster vehicles waiting at a wide range of permanent locations and reserved parking spaces. Once you complete your journey, the vehicle is returned to the same location.


After registering online as a teilAuto customer, you can book one of their vehicles, which will be waiting at one of the permanent teilAuto locations. A car-sharing partnership between teilAuto and Deutsche Bahn’s ‘Flinkster - Mein Carsharing’ service means that the network of permanent locations used by the two companies is identical.
There are currently more than ten teilAuto pick-up points in Magdeburg.