Driving licence

Driving licence

Is my driving licence valid in Germany? For EU citizens or those from Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland, the answer is simple. Their licence will be valid here to the same extent as it is at home. Citizens of other countries will need to obtain a German driving licence within the first six months.

PKW-Kennzeichen Magdeburg © Fotograf Sam Rey
© Fotograf Sam Rey

Citizens of states which are part of the European Economic Area (EEA) can continue to use their driving licence without problems, even if they live in Germany for an extended period. However, in this case it is advisable to replace their licence with its German or European equivalent. The Citizens’ Office can help arrange this.

Citizens of other states can continue to use their own driving licence for up to six months after registering in Magdeburg. If they stay longer than this, they must apply for a German licence. In this case too, they should contactthe Citizens’ Office.

Information for holders of foreign driving licences (permits)

Additional information on converting a foreign driving licence (non-EEA)