Geographical Data
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Geographical Data

Elbe und Blick auf den Dom in Magdeburg, Foto: marcus_hofmann

Height data provided in terms of height above sea level (DHHN2016 - Deutsches Haupthöhennetz )


Determined centre point of Magdeburg: East longitude 11° 38' 8''
(foot of the northern spire of Magdeburg Cathedral) North latitude 52° 7' 35''

Geodetic centre of Magdeburg in the Stadtpark Rotehorn city park (in the city boundaries as of 2007) East longitude 11° 38' 8'' North latitude 52° 7' 0''

Height of the determined centre point of Magdeburg: 56.1 m
Deviation of the local time in Magdeburg from CET: -13 min 27 sec
Highest natural point of the ground surface: 123.9 m
Lowest point (shoreline of the Barleber See II lake): 40.7 m
Zero point of the Elbe river level at the Strombrücke bridge: 39.89 m

City area (including exclaves): 201.84 km2
Largest extension:
North-South 22.7 km
East-West 16.9 km

Length of the city boundaries (including exclaves) 91,1 km
Length of the boundaries with:
the Bördekreis District 45,7 km
the Jerichower Land District 27,1 km
the Salzlandkreis District 18,3 km

Selected buildings and their heights

Magdeburg Cathedral 100.6 m
St. John's Church 62.0 m
Monastery of Our Lady 43.9 m
Town Hall (spire) 30.0 m
Observation Tower in the Stadtpark Rotehorn 60.0 m
(Albinmüller Tower)

Ship lift

Spans a difference in height of 16.0 m
Float length 36.0 m
Float chamber depth 60.0 m
Lock chamber 85.0 m x 12.0 m

Rothensee water-saving lock (put into operation on 21st May 2001)

Lifting height 18.5 m
Length 190.0 m

Selected destinations and their areas

Stadtpark Rotehorn (city park) 2.00 km2
Elbauenpark 0.72 km2
Herrenkrug Park 0.86 km2
Kreuzhorst Nature Reserve 2.82 km2

Selected lakes and their areas

Barleber See I 103.0 ha
Barleber See II 71.9 ha
Neustädter See I 83.4 ha
Barleber See II 27.0 ha
Alte Elbe (“Zuwachs” area) 12.1 ha
Salbker See I 32.6 ha
Salbker See II 19.1 ha
Pechauer See 8.5 ha
Adolf-Mittag-See 3.8 ha


Inhabitants (with Magdeburg registered as their main place of residence) as of 31st December 2018 (Source Register of Residents) 242170

Male population     120015
Female population 122155
Foreign citizens     22386