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Foreigners' Authority
Breiter Weg 222
D - 39104 Magdeburg
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service number115 (Hotline)
Telephone (0391) 5 40-43 89
FAX (0391) 5 40-43 50
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Foreigners' Authority

General information

Welcome to Magdeburg

Magdeburg, the capital of Saxony-Anhalt, is a cosmopolitan city. Approximately 18,800 foreign citizens live, study and work here.

The legal framework for the stay of foreigners on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany is very complex, and requires a differentiated assessment of the purpose of stay. We would like to assist you in completing any formalities, and here we have compiled some useful information for you.

Information about the Foreigners Authority

Interner Link: What to bring to your appointment at the Foreigners' Authority
What to bring to your appointment at the Foreigners' Authority
Here you will find information on what do you need to bring with you for your application, and the fees you may incur.
© © ...
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Interner Link: General information for foreign nationals
General information for foreign nationals
Entry, stay, termination of residence
Entry requirements
Tourist visas/ visitor visas
For visiting Germany, foreigners need a visa.
Schengen visa for short stays of up to three months (Section 6, subsection ...
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Interner Link: eAT - electronic residence title
eAT - electronic residence title
Since 1 September 2011, the residence title is issued as a separate document in form of an electronic residence permit (eAT). All residence titles such as the residence permit, ...
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Interner Link: Residence for educational purposes
Residence for educational purposes
Entry, visa application procedure, German language courses, studying, change of subject area
Residence permit for students
Pursuant to Section 16, subsection 1 of the Residence Act (AufenthG), ...
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Interner Link: Entry / residence for the purpose of economic activity
Entry / residence for the purpose of economic activity
Employees, self-employment, research …
© © Fotograf Sam Rey
General information on taking up gainful employment
You are only allowed to take up gainful employment if your ...
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Interner Link: Entry / residence for the purpose of family reunification
Entry / residence for the purpose of family reunification
German nationals and foreign nationals with a valid German residence permit can bring their spouses/registered partners and children to Germany for the purpose ...
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Interner Link: Settlement permit
Settlement permit
The settlement permit is a permanent residence title which grants the holder the right to pursue economic activity.
The settlement title may only be supplemented with ...
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Interner Link: Information for EU and Swiss nationals
Information for EU and Swiss nationals
Nationals of Member States of the European Union* and their family members enjoy the right to free movement, and are granted the right of entry ...
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Interner Link: Declaration of commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung)
Declaration of commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung)
By submitting a declaration of commitment, a third person undertakes to bear the living expenses related to a foreigner’s stay provided that the foreigner does not have the ...
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Interner Link: Integration - Language courses
Integration - Language courses
Promoting the integration of long-term legal residents is the declared aim of the Federal Republic of Germany.
For this purpose, integration courses are available for foreign ...
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Interner Link: Nationality matters
Nationality matters
The following information offers you a short overview. However, the area of law concerning nationality matters is so ample and complex that this information cannot ...
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Interner Link: Changing your name
Changing your name
Wenn Sie ganz offiziell Ihren Familien- und/oder Vornamen ändern oder feststellen lassen wollen, können Sie dies bei uns beantragen.
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Interner Link: Naturalisation
The land of Saxony-Anhalt welcomes, supports and encourages the initiative of those foreign nationals who live permanently in Germany, and would like to obtain German ...
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Related Links

Citizens Offices - Service, Adresses and Opening hours

Citizens Offices - Service, Adresses and Opening hours

Mitarbeiterinnen in einem Magdeburger Bürgerbüro © Sam Rey
© Sam Rey


  • De-registration of place of residence
  • Authentication of transcripts, photocopies and duplicates of documents, signature authentication
  • Change of vehicle owner’s details (change of name and address details)
  • Change of vehicle details
  • Request for exemption from identification obligation
  • Information from the business activity register and from the central register of trade and industrial offences (Gewerberegister, Gewerbezentralregister)
  • Vehicle de-registration
  • Request of exemption from the broadcasting contribution fee (Rundfunkbeitrag)
  • Change of details on vehicle registration documents upon change of residence within Magdeburg
  • Activation or blocking of an electronic ID card
  • Replacement of registration seals and inspection stickers
  • Issue of replacement dog tax tags (Ersatzhundesteuermarke)
  • Application for a European certificate of good conduct (Europäisches Führungszeugnis)
  • Issue of emission sticker
  • Application for a certificate of good conduct or an extended certificate of good conduct
  • Dog registration, de-registration and registration of change of ownership
  • Application for a children’s passport (Kinderreisepass) or change of details on a children’s passport, e.g. change of address
  • Vehicle registration
  • Temporary number plates
  • Request of information from the register of residents
  • Application for an ID card or a passport, and change of details
  • Report loss or theft of an ID card or a passport
  • Report recovery of ID card or passport
  • Broadcasting contribution fee (GEZ): deregistration, registration and notification of change of details
  • Seasonal number plates
  • life certificate (steuerliche Lebensbescheinigung)
  • Change of place of residence
  • Transfer vehicle ownership within and outside the registration district of the vehicle
  • Transfer vehicle (without change of ownership) to a new registration district (transfer of place of residence to Magdeburg)
  • Replace number plates with vehicle registration plates of the European Union
  • Report loss of vehicle registration certificate, part I of the registration certificate (former registration document, Fahrzeugschein) and part II of the registration certificate (former vehicle title, Fahrzeugbrief)
  • Report lost number plates
  • Report loss of documents
  • Re-registration of a previously de-registered vehicle
  • Re-registration of a stolen and recovered vehicle
  • Registration of place of residence
  • Personalised number plates
  • Registration of vehicles/trailers previously registered in another EU Member State or in a non-EU Member State
  • Number plates for historic vehicles (Oldtimerkennzeichen, H-Kennzeichen)
  • Registration of your secondary place of residence


Leiterstrasse 2a - Der Eingang befindet sich in der Fußgängerzone.
39104 Magdeburg
Aktuelle Informationen beachten!
Bruno-Beye-Ring 50
39130 Magdeburg
Lübecker Straße 32
39124 Magdeburg
im Bördepark
Salbker Chaussee 67
39118 Magdeburg

Opening hours

Monday 8 am - 15 pm
Tuesday 9 am - 18 pm
Wednesday 12 pm - 15 pm
Thursday 9 am - 18 pm
Friday 8 am - 12 pm

(Only Citizens Offices Mitte)

8 am - 12 pm

study at the university and receive money

Information to study at the university and receive money


Gestapelte Eineuromünzen auf Geldscheinen © eyetronic - Fotolia
© eyetronic - Fotolia


Information to study at the university and receive money

Terms of Reference
The capital city Magdeburg is pleased to inform you that students enrolled at the Otto-von-Guericke-University and the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal are entitled to receive ...
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Payment criteria
Payment criteria for the provision of the grant-->
I. Application
Please make sure that you submit an application for every grant instalment. Application forms ...
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The following applies to all payments:
Students enrolled before the winter term 2000 are excluded from payment of the special grant. Students must ...
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Required documents
Required documentsa completed application form your original enrolment certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) (in case of first registration at university) or an enrolment certificate downloaded from your online ...
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Adress for study at the university and receive money

Unterstützungsleistungen für Magdeburger Studenten
Frau Strassner
(Beantragung über die Bürgerbüros)
Bei der Hauptwache 4
39104 Magdeburg


Opening hours

8 am - 12 pm
9 am - 12 pm and
14 pm - 17:30 pm
9 am - 12 pm
8 am - 12 pm


Lines: 2, 5, 9 and 10
Stop: Domplatz

Lines: 6 and 8
Stop: Haeckelstr. / Museum


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