Arriving and living in Magdeburg
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Arriving and living in Magdeburg

If your arrival in Magdeburg is to proceed as smoothly as possible, it is important for you to get your bearings quickly and play an active part in city life. There is already a wide range of information available which is designed to make this easier for you, such as Magdeburg's guide for migrants and the information booklet for refugees in Saxony-Anhalt entitled, 'Arriving well on-site'. This includes all of the most important information, types of assistance available, and contact details, and has been translated into a number of languages.

In addition to the guide for migrants, the volunteer agency in Magdeburg has also prepared leaflets on topics such as school enrolment, healthcare provision, socialising, and leisure activities.
This website aims to help you locate the information you need, and make it easier to navigate your way through the many different services and types of assistance offered by the city administration and its partners.

Interner Link: Orientation, advice, accomodation
Orientation, advice, accomodation
Where can I find out more about my right to live in Germany?
The legal basis upon which foreigners can remain in Germany is very complicated; a detailed ...
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Interner Link: Language, school, education
Language, school, education
Where can I learn German?
Most of the people who come to Germany from abroad learn German as part of an Integrationskurs (integration course). Here (Information sheet ...
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Interner Link: Training, internship, employment
Training, internship, employment
Where can I receive help if I am looking for training opportunities or employment?
If you are seeking employment in Germany, you will first need a work permit. Before ...
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Interner Link: Socialising, swapping experiences, leisure
Socialising, swapping experiences, leisure
What leisure opportunities are available in Magdeburg, and where can I go to meet local people?
There are a number of leisure opportunities which will help you to settle ...
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Interner Link: Health care, help in an emergency
Health care, help in an emergency
Where can I get help in the event of illness or an emergency?
Find out here (information sheet about 'Health care') how to
get help in the event of illness ...
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