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German handball would not be the same without the SC Magdeburg.
The Magdeburg handball team is incredibly successful: ten national titles in the east of Germany, ...
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You will find a wealth of interesting information in the chronicle of the city of Magdeburg. A city so immersed in history has much to offer: from the seat of the ...
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Messe Magdeburg

Water sports, model building, creative hobbies and TV stars
Where can you learn about the hottest trends in sports and leisure activities? On the fair ...
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Parks and Gardens
Magdeburg is one of the greenest cities in Europe. There are only few cities which can compete with such a variety of parks and gardens.
The ...
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Wonderful Walking Tours through Magdeburg
Come and enjoy a guided walking tour through the city of Magdeburg and you won’t believe your eyes. The former fortress and Hanseatic ...
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Hotel Alt Prester
Hotel Alt Prester *** Description
The three star hotel is located behind one of the main Elbe dikes in a most idyllic and tranquil setting. ...
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Links of Interest
Apart from this website there are millions of websites on the Internet. We would like to share some of the ones we thought would be of interest to you. Below ...
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Lantern and lights tour for children - 1h
Why is the GREEN CITADEL pink? Who put the golden balls on its roof? And how does a small version of the cathedral feel like?
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Elberadweg (Elbe cycle path)
The Elbe has formed one of the last natural river basins in Germany where large areas belong to the so-called “Flusslandschaft Elbe”, a biosphere reserve ...
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Lukasklause Description
Seminar room in the Guericke Museum at the Lukasklause. The building is located on the banks of the river Elbe in a beautiful historical setting.
Seating ...
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The Elbe boasts one of the last natural river landscapes in Germany, with several extensive areas belonging to the "Flusslandschaft Elbe" (Elbe River Landscape) ...
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An Open-Air Summer in Magdeburg
Enjoy an exciting and eventful time in Magdebueg with this package offer! Come and be inspired by the beauty of the capital city of the German Land ...
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A visit to the archive
The immensity of the GDR Ministry for State Security's archives is inconceivable. A guided tour of the Stasi archive gives you an overview.
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Garden Dreams - Historical Parks
Saxony-Anhalt is one of the German Laender which has the largest variety of monuments to offer. It also impresses visitors who are interested in Saxony-Anhalt’s history and ...
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Over the last few years, Magdeburg's museums have organised many unique exhibitions where a great deal of national as well as international interest has been ...
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