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The visitors of the Magdeburg Zoo can get close to a fascinating variety of animals.
Here you not only marvel at elephants doing their "fitness training", ...
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InterCity Hotel Magdeburg
Intercity Hotel Magdeburg *** Description
The InterCity Hotel is located in the middle of the city centre of Magdeburg which abounds with may historical sites ...
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Today numerous bridges span the Elbe to connect the city districts where fords once crossed the river to connect the various islands.
However, ...
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Night Watchman Tour - 1 h in Historical Costume
Accompany the night watchman on his evening walk through medieval Magdeburg and hear some of his unusual stories about his city. This romantic evening walking tour will show you Magdeburg from a completely different side.
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Public guided tour in the Mark fortress
Journey into the northern part of what was the biggest Prussian stronghold.
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Breiter Weg
The Breiter Weg, Magdeburg’s High Street, with its long and colourful history is where the pulse of the city beats fast.
First mentioned in 1207, ...
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Magdeburg Moritzplatz Memorial
Magdeburg Moritzplatz Memorial - in commemoration of the many victims of political prosecution between 1945 and 1989
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The «Kugelblitze»
The political satire and comedy group "Die Kugelblitze” was established by the Council of the East German District of Magdeburg in 1977, finally making a plan ...
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Museum of Nature
The origin of the oldest museum of the capital city dates back to the Magdeburg Society of Natural Science which was founded in 1869. For a start, ...
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Group Tours
Magdeburg can boast a vivid history: Taking the moniker City of Otto it honours the two Ottos that shaped it. Emperor Otto I. and Otto ...
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Classik Hotel Magdeburg
Classik Hotel Magdeburg *** Description
Conference hotel at the periphery of Magdeburg
109 rooms, conference packages / full offers, state-of-the-art conference equipment (projectors for ...
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Political Satire and Comedy Venues in Magdeburg
Would you like to enjoy top-class political satire and stand-up comedy? If so, then come and visit Magdeburg!
The city is home to so many excellent comedy ...
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Magdeburg Museum of Technology
Magdeburg Museum of Technology Description
The Magdeburg Museum of Technology is located at the historical site of a factory building which was built in 1871. The factory was ...
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Bicycle-Archtitctour "Magdeburg the Colourful"
With the rise of modernism Magdeburg became the «City of the new building ambitions« and transformed itself into colourful city. The Magdeburg housing projects of the modernist era are comparable to those in Berlin, Hamburg or Frankfurt. Discover it by bike!
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Guided Zoo tours

In the Zoological Garden Magdeburg, you can not only see, hear and smell a manifold fauna; you are also given the opportunity ...
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