Gesellschaftshaus am Klosterbergegarten


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Gesellschaftshaus am Klosterbergegarten
Direktor: Dr. Lutz Buchmann
Schönebecker Straße 129
39104 Magdeburg


line: 2 and 8

line: 52 and 54,
station: "Porsestraße"


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Gesellschaftshaus am Klosterbergegarten

The “House of Music” hosts a multitude of concerts in a historic setting and is an ideal venue for an extremely wide variety of events such as conferences, readings and congresses.


After the completion of many years of renovation work, the Mayor of Magdeburg, Dr Trümper, officially opened the newest cultural establishment in the capital city of the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt, the Society House in the Klosterbergegarten park, on 14th October 2005 with the words: “I hope that the ‘House of Music’ will welcome a large number of guests and would like to wish its staff every success in their work as they cultivate the culture and music of our city and wish everyone who walks through its doors an enjoyable and pleasant cultural experience.” These words clearly defined the dedication to music and culture that formed the focus of the completion of the renovated building.

 In fact, the Society House’s status as a “House of Music” is made extremely clear by its events and different users alone.
The staff at the Society House deal with the organisation of a wide variety of events both in the building itself and in the “Georg Philipp Telemann” Concert Hall in the Monastery of Our Lady.


The Telemann Commemoration and Research Centre is dedicated to researching the life and work of Georg Philipp Telemann, one of the most important sons of the city of Magdeburg and a world-famous 18th-century composer. Another of the centre’s main responsibilities is the compilation of the “Telemann-Auswahlausgabe”, a selection of Telemann’s best compositions produced as a joint project between the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Magdeburg, the Capital City of the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt, and the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt itself. The Telemann Centre is also home to an academic research library and archive that contain special collections relating to 18th-century music and make the facility a popular port of call for researchers from all over the world.


Alongside the Schinkelsaal”, “Gartensaal” and “Kleiner Saal” halls, the Society House also contains three parlours that are ideal for an extremely wide variety of different events. These facilities provide concerts, readings, talks, presentations and cabinet exhibitions, as well as congresses, conventions and cultural further education events in the field of music, with a suitable venue in a historic setting. In fact, the team of staff at the Society House strives to offer its guests and visitors a diversified, interesting and educational programme of events both in the building itself and in the “Georg Philipp Telemann” Concert Hall in the Monastery of Our Lady.

The Society House is a municipal facility of the city of Magdeburg and works in close cooperation with clubs, societies and associations dedicated to music culture on both a regional and national level. Organisations associated with the Society House include highlights such as the Telemann-Gesellschaft e.V. (the International Telemann Society), the “Georg Philipp Telemann” Magdeburg e.V. working group and the “Melante-Stiftung Magdeburg” foundation.

The main office of the “Geschäftsstelle des Landesverbandes der Musikschulen Sachsen-Anhalt e. V.” (Association of Music Schools in the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt, LVdM) has been based in the Society House since December 2005. The LVdM is the umbrella association and professional body of 26 municipally funded music schools and runs a multitude of district offices, field offices, support offices and educational facilities. It is mainly dedicated to the provision of musical education for young people and enriches the range of events on offer in the Society House with its work. More information on the association (in German) can be found at: