Theater Magdeburg - Opernhaus
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Theater Magdeburg - Opernhaus
Generalintendantin Karen Stone
Universitätsplatz 9
D - 39104 Magdeburg
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FAX +49 391 40 490 499 (Kasse)

Theater Magdeburg - Opernhaus

Magdeburg Theatre - Opera House

Come and experience Magdeburg Theatre and its Opera House in the “Universitätsplatz” square and “Schauspielhaus” theatre venue by the “Hasselbachplatz” square.

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Magdeburg Opera House boasts an impressive programme containing a wide variety of performances and events ranging from spectacular operas through to symphony concerts, operettas through to musicals featuring top performers and classical ballets through to theatre evenings stretching across a range of genres.

Alongside the performances in its daily repertoire, Magdeburg Theatre’s “Schauspielhaus” theatre venue also offers a varied programme of additional events such as “Nachtschicht” evening shows, jazz sessions and many more.

The theatre plays an important role for the residents of Magdeburg and visitors to the city as both an artistic haven and a location in which they can reflect on their own personal lives. Its active commitment to internationality and openness make it an inspiring venue with a brilliant reputation both in Magdeburg and throughout Germany. Magdeburg Theatre additionally represents a dynamic link between local affairs and internationality stretching far beyond the German borders. On top of all this, it is also particularly committed to supporting and promoting young talent in all areas of performing arts.




Presenting social realities on stage is the trademark of the director Volker Lösch, whose theatrical productions featuring performances from amateur choirs have become a brand-new and unique form of political theatre.
In 2013, the year celebrating Verdi’s 200th birthday, Magdeburg Theatre was able to successfully commission the director to perform his operatic debut at its Opera House and in the 2013/2014 season, Volker Lösch is therefore presenting Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “Macbeth” in Magdeburg. The performers playing the roles of the witches in Volker Lösch’s production include a number of women from Magdeburg who form a speaking choir as they talk about their lives and about power and helplessness in society. A performance of this kind has never been seen before in the world of opera and is an experiment with an unpredictable outcome.

Magdeburg Theatre’s General Manager Karen Stone opened the new season with her production of Mozart's classic opera “The Marriage of Figaro”, directed by Michael Balke, on 14th September 2013. In January 2012, Olivia Fuchs received high praise for her first production in Germany in the form of the opera “Madame Butterfly”. This season, she has returned to Magdeburg to perform Richard Strauss’ opera “The Knight of the Rose” together with the Opera House’s Musical Director Kimbo Ishii-Eto. This production will premiere on 22nd February.

The Opera House programme also features the opera “Otto”, which was written by George Frideric Handel and revised by Georg Philipp Telemann and is being performed in cooperation with the 22nd Magdeburg Telemann Festival. The production is directed by Arila Siegert and features performances by the French Baroque ensemble “Le Concert Lorrain” led by its Artistic Director Stephan Schultz. The premiere of “Otto” will be performed on 15th March 2014.


The 2013/2014 season is also finally welcoming back a genre that has been long desired by a large number of theatregoers by offering not one, but two operetta productions. The first of these performances, “The Beggar Student” by Carl Millöcker, is a classic operetta from the early Viennese Operetta period and is being directed by Nico Rabenald on his return to Magdeburg. The production will premiere on 3rd May 2014.
The second operetta on offer is Eduard Künneke's “The Cousin from Nowhere”, a cheeky and bold production by the young director Therese Schmidt that premiered on 16th November 2013.



The new season is also taking a very classical approach when it comes to its ballet performances. With “La Sylphide”, the Ballet Director Gonzalo Galguera has choreographed the ballet that was responsible for the major breakthrough of pointe technique on stage in the mid 19th century. The production premiered on 5th October 2013.
Another ballet highlight in the new season is both a challenge and a huge attraction for every ballet company and, indeed, every orchestra: Igor Stravinsky’s “Le Sacre du Printemps”. The premiere of this second ballet in the Ballet Director’s choreography programme will take place on 12th April 2014 and feature music under the direction of Michael Balke.
On top of all this, the Opera House is also presenting the fourth of its “Dance Encounters” ballet evenings, which have proven extremely popular. This season’s event will provide its audience with an insight into the choreographic creations of Sasha Evtimova and Fredy Franzutti. Another dance event, the Magdeburg Dance Festival, will take place over Pentecost in 2014.

Magdeburg Philharmonic Orchestra

The concert season presented by Magdeburg Philharmonic Orchestra contains a special treat for all friends of the romantic German repertoire as the orchestra’s Musical Director Kimbo Ishii-Eto directs a large collection of works by Brahms including all four symphonies and a double concert featuring violin, violoncello and orchestra performances.
The season also sees Menahem Pressler, a huge fan of the Magdeburg orchestra, return to his home city yet again to perform as a soloist, as well as featuring a number of highlights such as the German pianist Daniel Röhm and the Italian pianist Emanuele Arciuli, the 1st Concertmaster Daishin Kashimoto and the timpanist Wieland Welzel from the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, the violinist Michael Barenboim and the Swiss oboist Thomas Indermühle. Alongside the Magdeburg bandmasters Michael Balke and Pawel Poplawski, this season’s concerts will also feature performances conducted by the young Japanese conductor Ryusuke Numajiri, as well as the Estonian conductor Kirstiina Poska, who has already been involved in concerts in Magdeburg on a number of occasions, and the orchestra’s former Musical Director Christian Ehwald.




Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Jesus Christ Superstar" premiers at the DomplatzOpenAir

Premier on Friday, 15.6.2018, additional performances until Sunday, 8.7.2018

Jesus Christ Superstar
New York, Mark Hellinger Theatre, 21 October 1971: 23-year old Andrew Lloyd Webber became world famous overnight as the composer of the rock musical "Jesus Christ Superstar". The Broadway production was performed 720 times, hits such as "Superstar" and "I Don't Know How To Love Him" have generations of audiences jumping out of their seats.  When, in the summer of 2018, stars such as Tobias Bieri (Jesus), Julia Gámez Martín (Maria Magdalena) and Timothy Roller (Judas), together with director Sebastian Ritschel and the musical director Damian Omansen, perform "Jesus Christ Superstar“ on stage at the DomplatzOpenAir in Magdeburg, it can only mean one thing: It's high time to quickly secure some good seats for this successful musical from 15 June to 8. July.

The Musical

Together with his congenial lyricist Tim Rice, Lloyd Webber created a rock musical about the last days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth – a "contemporary passion play which could enrage the deeply devout, but should enchant and maybe inspire youthful agnostics", as TIME Magazine wrote in 1970 (the record came out a year before the Broadway premier). In fact, "Jesus Christ Super Star" provoked conservative Christian circles:  In South Africa, the music was first banned, and in the authoritarian ruled Belarus, the work was put on the index for the second time in 2012. Everywhere else in the world, the rock musical is celebrated and its hits were even included on the play list of the Pope's house radio station, Radio Vatican.

from the perspective of Judas

Webber and Rice describe the events from the perspective of Judas, who, although admiring his teacher, perceives the fanatical worship by his followers as fatal. Also, Jesus' relationship to the former prostitute Maria Magdalena irritates him. Betrayal, arrest and the suicide of Judas follow, who has recognised that he was led by God to make Jesus a martyr. The "Superstar's" earthly life ends on the cross.

More than rock

Musically, Andrew Lloyd Webber goes far beyond the style of rock music in this composed work: He helps himself to soul, composes folk songs and combines the score with recurring musical motifs.

new production by the Theater Magdeburg

In the new production by the Theater Magdeburg, soloists, dancers, choir singers and the Magdeburgische Philharmonie present the story about the last days of Jesus live – and „Jesus Christ Superstar“ will guaranteed not only „inspire youthful agnostics“, TIME magazine was a little cautious there, but it will captivate thousands of musical visitors in front of the magnificent backdrop of the world famous Magdeburg Cathedral.


Premier on Friday, 15 June 2018, 9 pm,

Other performances: Sa. 16. 6. / Su. 17. 6. / We. 20. 6. / Th. 21. 6. / Fr. 22. 6. / Sa. 23. 6. / Su. 24. 6. /We. 27. 6. / Th. 28. 6. / Fr. 29. 6. / Sa. 30. 6. / Su. 1. 7. / We. 4. 7. / Th. 5. 7. / Fr. 6. 7. / Sa. 7. 7. / Su. 8. 7. 2018, always at 9 pm,


Premier tickets: between € 56 and € 40 / reduced between € 47 and € 32
Friday & Saturday tickets: between € 53 and € 36 / reduced between € 45 and € 30
Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday tickets: between € 46 and € 30 / reduced between € 40 and € 25

Booking and purchase at the box office: +49 (0) 391 – 40 490 490 or online:
Box office
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39104 Magdeburg:
Mo. - Sa. 10 am - 7.30 pm | on all performance days until 6.30 pm
Tel: +49 (0) 391) 40 490 490


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