The Millennium Tower
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One of the park’s outstanding highlights is its 60-metre-high Millennium Tower, which houses an interactive exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through 6000 years of human history in the fields of science and technology.
Jahrtausendturm im Elbauenpark ©
Jahrtausendturm im Elbauenpark © MMKT GmbH
Jahrtausendturm im Elbauenpark © MMKT GmbH
Jahrtausendturm im Elbauenpark © MMKT GmbH
Jahrtausendturm im Elbauenpark © IMG
Jahrtausendturm im Elbauenpark © W.Klapper
Jahrtausendturm im Elbauenpark © W.Klapper


The Millennium Tower was created for the German Federal Garden Show in 1999 and is a masterpiece in terms of both its architecture and content. The mastermind behind the overall artistic design of this unique glued timber construction, which soars to a height of 60 metres and boasts an integrated exhibition, was the Swiss sculptor Johannes Peter Staub.

The Millennium Tower in the Elbauenpark in Magdeburg contains plenty of surprises and has even broken a few records, with its height of 60 metres making it the world's largest wooden construction of its kind. Around 70,000 visitors come and delve into the magical world of science housed in the tower every season and when it first opened on the occasion of the German Federal Garden Show in 1999, it even attracted 1.5 million guests.

The ramp and viewing platform on the outside of the tower offer visitors a breathtaking panoramic view over the Elbauenpark and towards the city of Magdeburg. If the weather is particularly good, you might even catch a glimpse of the Brocken mountain.

The “Smartest Tower in the World”

The tower contains a total of around 400 exhibits and artefacts, most of which are self-explanatory. 150 of the items in the tower are interactive exhibits, meaning that visitors can even try them out for themselves! Be it operating a water wheel, communicating using mirror writing, exploring scents or turning optical perspectives upside down in the “Magic Room”, the Millennium Tower aims to provide an exciting hands-on experience. This interactive approach makes the exhibition extremely interesting and a particularly popular destination for school trips.

The tower provides its visitors with an insight into the different worlds of science, from history through to mathematics, chemistry and physics and right through to modern forensic science. Each of its six levels injects life into a different era, from ancient Egypt through to the modern age, resulting in an overall presentation of 6000 years of human history.

Visitors often fondly refer to the building as the “smartest tower in the world” because its six different floors with 250 exhibits and artefacts provide a clear overview of how the world and mankind have changed over the past 6000 years. The tower’s interactive hands-on journey through time is open throughout the summer season, from April to October.

A Special Venue

The unique setting of the tower’s 20-metre-high domed hall also makes it an excellent venue for sophisticated evening events for up to 500 guests, for example receptions, presentations, fundraising events, congress and conference events, variety shows and fashion shows.

The historical lecture room on Level 4.1 is the ideal venue for talks, presentations or information events for up to 100 people.

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