Citizens Offices - Service, Adresses and Opening hours


Servicenavigation und Sprachauswahl

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Citizens Offices - Service, Adresses and Opening hours



  • De-registration of place of residence
  • Authentication of transcripts, photocopies and duplicates of documents, signature authentication
  • Change of vehicle owner’s details (change of name and address details)
  • Change of vehicle details
  • Request for exemption from identification obligation
  • Information from the business activity register and from the central register of trade and industrial offences (Gewerberegister, Gewerbezentralregister)
  • Vehicle de-registration
  • Request of exemption from the broadcasting contribution fee (Rundfunkbeitrag)
  • Change of details on vehicle registration documents upon change of residence within Magdeburg
  • Activation or blocking of an electronic ID card
  • Replacement of registration seals and inspection stickers
  • Issue of replacement dog tax tags (Ersatzhundesteuermarke)
  • Application for a European certificate of good conduct (Europäisches Führungszeugnis)
  • Issue of emission sticker
  • Application for a certificate of good conduct or an extended certificate of good conduct
  • Dog registration, de-registration and registration of change of ownership
  • Application for a children’s passport (Kinderreisepass) or change of details on a children’s passport, e.g. change of address
  • Vehicle registration
  • Temporary number plates
  • Request of information from the register of residents
  • Application for an ID card or a passport, and change of details
  • Report loss or theft of an ID card or a passport
  • Report recovery of ID card or passport
  • Broadcasting contribution fee (GEZ): deregistration, registration and notification of change of details
  • Seasonal number plates
  • life certificate (steuerliche Lebensbescheinigung)
  • Change of place of residence
  • Transfer vehicle ownership within and outside the registration district of the vehicle
  • Transfer vehicle (without change of ownership) to a new registration district (transfer of place of residence to Magdeburg)
  • Replace number plates with vehicle registration plates of the European Union
  • Report loss of vehicle registration certificate, part I of the registration certificate (former registration document, Fahrzeugschein) and part II of the registration certificate (former vehicle title, Fahrzeugbrief)
  • Report lost number plates
  • Report loss of documents
  • Re-registration of a previously de-registered vehicle
  • Re-registration of a stolen and recovered vehicle
  • Registration of place of residence
  • Personalised number plates
  • Registration of vehicles/trailers previously registered in another EU Member State or in a non-EU Member State
  • Number plates for historic vehicles (Oldtimerkennzeichen, H-Kennzeichen)
  • Registration of your secondary place of residence


Opening hours

Monday 8 am - 15 pm
Tuesday 9 am - 18 pm
Wednesday 12 pm - 15 pm
Thursday 9 am - 18 pm
Friday 8 am - 12 pm

(Only Citizens Offices Mitte)

8 am - 12 pm
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Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg
Stadtwerke Magdeburg
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Schünemann Heizung-Sanitär
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wg 1893
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