St. John's Church
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St. John's Church


Johanniskirche, © Kunze

A popular Magdeburg venue 

St. John’s Church suffered extensive damage in the second World War, however it was restored to its former glory and since 2nd October 1999 it has been opened to the public. The integrity and character of the original building was maintained in the construction work and the interior of the former church was transformed into a state-of-the-art concert, conference and exhibition venue which is unparalleled in Germany. Due to its location on the banks of the river Elbe, the restored building is yet another one of Magdeburg’s historical highlights which can be seen from afar.

The former market and parish church of Magdeburg in its present guise is designed as a late Gothic hall church of the 15th century including a long three-aisle nave with six bays but no transept. The double tower front built in the early 13th century and renewed in the 17th century was completed by a late Gothic annex which dates back to 1453. In the modern interior only the northern row of pillars bears witness to the church's past. Remnants of the Ottonian predecessor (first mentioned in an official document in 941) were carefully excavated in the choir of the building. After his famous sermon given in 1524 in St. John's Church, Martin Luther achieved a major breakthrough for the reformation in Magdeburg.

St. John’s Church is also home to the Guericke family crypt where the famous scientist, father of experimental physics and inventor of the air pump Otto von Guericke is buried.

The event organiser Stadthallen Magdeburg regularly takes advantage of the unique venue to offer stylish, sophisticated events such as classic concerts and jazz sessions as well as modern shows and award shows (e.g. Eike von Repgow Award). In fact, St. John's Church has become a very popular venue for conference and event organisers due to its large hall and adjoining rooms as well as its favourable and scenic location near the city centre with its Town Hall, Old Market place and Elbe river.

St. John’s Church can also be visited as a museum. It is closed on Mondays and during events. Admission is free.

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